About US
Danube Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the leading DC / DC Converter manufacturers in Taiwan. It’s been established in 1995 and possessed ISO-9001 in 2003. The core product is DC / DC Converter and AC / DC Converter.

The strict procedures on our manufacturing lines make the products to satisfy all customers. Our company’s research and develop professional department is serving the industry with high quality products and still invent new products and insist on producing more high-tech and excellent products.

Can't find exactly what you need from our models? We can custom modify our products electrically and / or physically to meet your specific needs. We are manufactured and tested to our exacting quality standards in our effective facilities, ensuring product quality, efficiency and reliability, including 100% temperature burn-in and test. Our efforts emphasize on the commitment to provide cutting-edge products that meet the needs of our customers, no matter now and in the future. Call up on our design engineers and sales professionals to assist you in improving your next design with an innovative solution from Danube Enterprise Co., Ltd.

We cherish the everlasting partnership with our customers and owe a lot to our partners for all the support they’ve given us over the years.
TEL: +886-7-3755165 ; FAX: +886-7-3755330 | A2, No. 255, Fengren Rd., Renwu Dist., Kaohsiung City 814013, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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